• Title
    Dublin Artisans' Dwellings Company Collection
  • Reference
  • Date
    1876 - 1990
  • Creator
    • Dublin Artisans' Dwelling Company
  • Scope and Content
    Records of the Dublin Artisans' Dwellings Company. The records comprise in essence the minutes of the board of directors and related series, and the records relating to the administration of the Company’s shares. Some of the financial records are included and there are also smaller series relating to the Company’s properties and employees. It is obvious that certain classes of record do not survive, or have yet to come to light. In particular, what must have been very substantial records relating to the Company’s tenants are missing. Only a single rental ( and that a very late example) is included in the collection. There are no other rent books, no completed tenant agreements, no letters of application, no tenant lists and no tenant correspondence aside from that referred to or quoted in the minute books. Indeed it is only through the minute books that any impression of the Company’s interaction with its tenants can be formed. As to who exactly those tenants were, the surviving records are generally mute. Missing too are other classes of administrative records. Aside from the photographs of drawings and a few other stray documents, none of the records of the Company’s architects survive. Construction and building maintenance records are missing (although the board minutes provide some understanding of activities in these areas). The financial documents are not complete, nor are those series relating to property ownership, while the letter-books (referred to on occasion in the minutes) and later correspondence files are not here. It must also be said that the substantial runs of material relating to share administration which do survive are of limited research or informational value. Nonetheless, the collection is an important one. It is by far the most complete set of records of any of the Victorian working class housing schemes and through its contents a detailed picture of the origins, growth, development, administration and demise of the Company emerges. The collection casts significant light on a century of building activity, planning regulations, property ownership and business administration. It details the development of significant sections of the City whose working citizens the Company was set up to house. It provides a unique view of the relationship between disparate sections of Dublin society, while shedding a particular light onto the social, economic and even political world of the working classes in the City. For social history and architectural history, for the history of planning and business, and for the history of Dublin itself, the records of the Dublin Artisans' Dwellings Company are an invaluable source.
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    c. 150 items
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